MX90 is made up of senior and junior scholars and practitioners who are interested in engaging with issues related to differences and inequality from an interdisciplinary perspective (sociolinguistics, anthropology, political sciences, education) and to explore and experiment with collective knowledge production.

It first started with a series of disparate, joint initiatives (a collective book proposal, projects with primary school children, a PhD seminar, a reading group) and eventually developed into the creation of an alternative space for theoretical and political thinking with the wish to combine theory, analysis and action: Collective MX90 was born.
The members of MX90 (about ten people) meet regularly in a flat, a shared space outside university, while experimenting with online communication for those who are located outside the physical space and in different geographical areas. Furthermore, MX90's collective work implies certain dynamics - such as collective discussion and decision-taking - that slow down the process of knowledge production. Therefore, it problematizes the academic norm also in terms of temporality. In doing so, MX90 investigates new possibilities but recognizes the uncertainty this entails. Thus, both space and the temporal dimensions are fully constitutive of the collective's approach.

We believe that knowledge production is the result of a collective endeavor, but academia, in its current configurations, tends to erase this collective dimension, often (re)producing inequalities and hierarchical systems of power.  With MX90 we thus vindicate the collective production, responsibility and accountability of knowledge as a theoretical and political stance in order to:
- explore collective, intertextual and dialogical knowledge production
- enact participatory parity
- experiment with alternative forms of collective authorship and ownership
- open a discussion in academia on collective knowledge production.
The use of our collective name emphasizes these goals and how we pursue them through collective action.